At cfa church, we believe in presenting the full message of the good news of Jesus Christ. We realize not everyone has a relationship with Christ and are passionate about sharing Him with you. With Christ we have fullness of life.  Without Him, we feel as if we are not wide awake and fully alive.  


The world, filled with people who are walking around, but are not awake; people who are going through the motions, but are not alive is one of our life's greatest tragedies. That's not how life was meant to be. We were created to live wide awake and fully alive!


Fullness of life happens when God breathes.


1. God breathes in Creation, and we become filled with physical life.

2. God breathes through Jesus, and we become filled with spiritual life.

3. God breathes through the Holy Spirit, and we become filled with empowered life.


That same breath is available for you today!


If you have decided to follow Christ or would like more information on how you can become wide awake and fully alive, please complete the form below. We would love to connect with you.

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