Our hope is that all who attend cfa will get involved in a “Connect Group” that allows them to build strong relationships and be challenged in their walk with Christ.


Adult Ministries
In depth studies on God’s Word and foundations of the Christian faith. 

Worship & Fine Arts 
For those who have a passion to use the arts of music, drama, and dance to lead others into worship. 

Student Ministries (3sixty5
3sixty5 student ministries exist to challenge students to love God, love others, and be contagious. Our weekly experiences are focused on creating a place where students are engaged in worship and challenged by the Word.

Children's Ministries (
For kids 5th grade and under. Our mission is prepare your kids for God's purpose. Children matter to God and children matter to us. So whether your child is one, three, or five; you can rest assured that they will learn to love and be loved at cfa. 

Women's Ministries (cfa women)
Connect with other women throughout the week & grasp what it means to be a Christian woman in today's world and how to live it out. 

Men's Ministries (cfa Men
Be a Christian man in today’s world and live it out

Single's Ministries (OneLife
Connect with other singles and learn what God’s word says about living as a Christian Single in today’s world. 

Senior's Ministries (cfa Seniors
We are designed to bring together people age 50 and over so that they can develop meaningful friendships. Come join us on the first Tuesday of the month for Golden Couples. Every Wednesday for Senior luncheon and Bible Study on Monday mornings. Day trips to special events as well as week long trips are part of cfa Seniors. 

Prayer Ministries (
Watchman Ministry, Brave Christian, and Congregational Care

cfa Alpha is a great course for helping people to understand the Christian faith & is open to any questions about God w/o being judged & helps us to develop relationships w/other people. 

Specialized Ministries (Specialized Ministries
cfa's ministry to the developmentally disabled adults in our community. A weekly meeting where singing, Bible study, crafts and special events are all part of the fun!