cfa Church is coming to Davidson

It is evident that Davidson, North Carolina and the surrounding areas are rich with history. Since their conception, communities have openly welcomed people. As CFA began to grow, we realized God was calling us to serve these communities, become a part of their history, and meet spiritual as well as social needs.

At CFA our focus revolves around unapologetically Loving Jesus and Changing the World.

What should you expect? Great question… Every week we dive deep into who God is through spirit-led worship, biblically based preaching, community service, and numerous ministries within the church.

We understand that people walk through life with thoughts, questions, and burdens often not knowing where to turn to ask those questions. Not because we’ve figured out all the answers but because we are asking the same questions.

At CFA we provide a space for individuals to be who they are… laughter, anger, smiles, tears and all. We don’t want to manufacture answers; we want to experience Jesus.

CFA is a community that strives to live Wide Awake and Fully Alive as a body of believers knowing that we are world changers.