Feb. 21st Create Night.

Opening Session begins at 6:30

Worship 101
will discuss the elements of Biblical worship, the purpose of corporate worship and challenges that worshipper’s can face.  Worship 101 is a required course for cfa choir and orchestra members. It is also open to all people desiring more information on how to transcend personal and corporate worship.
Treva Motley and Adam Bauguess

Advanced Audio Technique-the art of tuning instruments for production preparation. Mark Feltman

Auxiliary Percussion 101:
This class will showcase the different percussion instruments that are used in Praise and Worship. Jon will demonstrate the main instruments he uses and how they are matched with the different musical selections on Sunday morning
Jon Kirk

Bring your camera or phone!  Learn how to maximize your camera and basic rules of composition to capture better pictures. 
Sara Ann Speed


Ear Training 101-
Have you ever heard a sound or a song that you couldn't define?  Maybe a song is stuck in your head and you need to know the basic starting blocks to get it out.  Ear Training 101, will help you utilize one of the greatest tools God has given us, our ears. 
Corey Gaston

Canvas Painting:
Create the canvas painting  of Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms.                                          Required supply list:                                                                          Paint smock or cover for clothing,                                                     8x10 canvas (optional table top easel)
3 brushes: small, medium, large
6 Acrylic colors: white, brown, blue, yellow, green and red. 
This class has a capacity of the first 10 registrations. Must be 14 years old to participate. 
Amber Bounds

Digital Hand Lettering:
Utilizing digital tools too create analogue hand lettering arts. Supplies encouraged but not required: fully charged I-pad or laptop.
Jon Hernandez



Writing 201:
We’ll continue our discussion about Christian fiction writing but we’ll also talk about writing nonfiction pieces like devotionals and magazine articles. Bring your wi-fi capable laptop for the hands-on session about setting up and customizing a writer-centric website using WordPress. (No HTML knowledge required).
Linda Hargrove

Dance 201
will take all the basic skills and stage direction you learned in Dance 101 and incorporate them into a little more complex routine. It will also teach you new and a little more challenging skills and stage direction.
Austin Matthews

This class introduces the fundamental skills and vocabulary of improvisational acting. Students learn how to say “yes, and,” work together, and build interesting, sometimes funny, grounded scenes. The art of improvisational acting is a great class for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable on stage and learn to make authentic connections with a scene partner. We will be learning how to find humor in honesty and how to get out of the actor’s head and into the present moment.
Karissa Thorpe